Human Rights For Sale! After the corruption scandal haunting the EU the moral status of NGOs should be called into question

January 2023

The ideological assault on intimacy
They Aim To Turn Schools Into Factories of Indoctrination
A Tawdry Performance of self importance
Why we need to challenge the rhetoric of dehumanisation
On the Fatalistic Turn Of The Western World & The Tyranny of Determinisms

December 2022

I have chosen Indifference as my word of the year, because more than any other term it captures the zeitgeist prevailing in the western world.
Because Liberalism Has Become Estranged From Democracy
Qatargate- a scandal waiting to happen
2022 – The danger of a return to Yalta
The fear of judgement threatens public life in the West
Harry and Meghan and The Cultivation of Public Voyeurism